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Lattice Crawler
Mfg Serial #ModelYearHoursDescriptionPhotos/Videos
thumb08CC10130248LCC 10002008 3000+ Sany Crawler Crane with236 Msin boom, 80' Jib, Main & Auxiliary Winch. Cummins 6 CT Tier III, Transportation Package (Self Erecting), 100,500 Lbs Counterweight, Self Erect Counterweight & Tracks, LMI/ Boom Limit Device, Aux Head Sheave, A/C-Cab, 100 Ton Block, 9 Ton Overhaul Ball, 20,900 Single Part Line Pull. Come Take A Look!!……$495,000 FOB Houston. View Photos
thumb9LG3797TLS108B1969 Classic Link Belt LS 108B with 80' BOOM, 30" PADS, DETROIT 671 (REMAN), MAIN DRUM, AUX DRUM, 3RD DRUM, INSIDE DRIVE CHAINS, PLL ON TWO HYDRAULIC EXPANDABLE TRACKS, BLOCK, BALL........Call for Pricing. View Photos
thumbH3J4LS 248HII2004 11,100 2004 LinkBelt LS 248HII(200 ton crawler crane), 220' Main boom, Main Drum, Aux Drum, Computer LMI, Anti Two Block, Air conditioned cab, Isuzu Diesel Engine, block and ball..... Call for pricing. View Photos
thumbP3J9LS 298 HSL2009 TBA Stock #1014...LinkBelt LS 298 HSL (230 ton crawler crane), 220' Main Boom, Main Winch, Aux Winch, Computer LMI, Anti Two Block, Air Conditioned Cab, Isuzu Engine, Block and Ball...Crane is located in Houston, Texas...Call for pricing. View Photos

Rough Terrain
Mfg Serial #ModelYearHoursDescriptionPhotos/Videos
thumb222229RT 650E2001 7700 2001 Grove RT 650E (50 ton rough terrain crane) sn 222229, 105' Main Boom, 29' Jib,Cummins Diesel Engine, PAT LMI, Anti Two Block, Main Winch, Aux Winch, Block and Ball. $225,000 FOB...Houston, TX View Photos
thumb232708RT 890E2012 787 2012 Grove RT 890E (90 ton rough terrain crane), 142' Main Boom, 56' Jib, Main Winch, Aux Winch, Cummins Tier 4 Diesel Engine (787 hours), Value Package, Aux Light and Convenience Package, Outrigger Montitoring System, Hirshcmann LMI, Anti Two Block, Block and Ball. $745,000 FOB...Houston, TX View Photos
thumbD7J6-8217RTC-80752006 10000 75 USt (68 mt) Link-Belt Rough Terrain Crane 41 - 127 ft (12.5 - 38.7 m) four section boom Optional 39.5 - 67 ft (12.0 - 20.4 m) two-piece offsettable fly 202 ft (61.6 m) maximum tip height Height: 12 ft 10.75 in (3.93 m); Width: 10 ft 10.5 in (3.31 m) Length: 48 ft 9.5 in (14.87 m) 12 ft 7 in (3.84 m) wheel base 29.5x25 (28 pr)tires, optional 29.5R25 XHA Spicer 6 speed power shift transmission 23 ft (7.01 m) outrigger spread 23 ft 3 in (7.09 m) outrigger base 16,506 lbs (7 503 kg) maximum winch line pull 476 fpm (145.1 m/min) maximum winch line speed. $325,000 FOB. Houston. View Photos
thumbD7J8-0131RTC-80752008 3567 Link-Belt RTC-8075. Call for Pricing. View Photos
thumbE1I6 4665RTC 80601996 7760 1996 LinkBelt RTC 8060 (60 ton rough terrain crane) sn E1I6 4665, 110' Main Boom, 56' bi-fold jib, Main Winch, Aux Winch, Cummins Diesel Engine (7751 hours), LMI, Anti Two block, Block and Ball. Crane located at Holts yard in Houston. $185,000.00 FOB..Houston. View Photos
thumbE1I6 5197RTC 80601996 1996 Link-Belt RTC-8060 (60 ton rough terrain crane) sn E1I6 5197, 110' Main Boom, 56' Jib, Main Winch, Aux Winch, LMI, Anti Two Block, Cummins Diesel Engine, Block and Ball. 185,000 FOB...Holts yard in Houston, TX. View Photos
thumbJ6J6 8532RTC 80502006 6690 2006 LinkBelt RTC 8050 II (50 ton rough terrain crane), 110' Main Boom, 28' Jib, Main Winch, Aux Winch, Cummins Diesel Engine (6690 hours), Greer LMI, Anti Two Block, LinkBelt Single Axis Controls, 4x4x4, 23.5 X 25 Tires, Air Conditioned Cab, Block and Ball. Crane is not available. Please check back at a later date. 04/07/14. View Photos
thumbJ7J6-8723RTC-801002006 5148 Link Belt Rough Terrain RTC-80100. Crane is not available at this time. Please check back at a later date. 04/03/2014 View Photos

Telescopic Crawler
Mfg Serial #ModelYearHoursDescriptionPhotos/Videos
thumbR2K2TCC 4502012 350+ Link-Belt 45 Ton Telecrawler. Isuzu Engine (197 HP). 4 Section, Full Power Boom with A-Max system for greater lifting capacities at close radius. 350' 18MM ZB Aux Rope, 20' 1 Piece Latice Fly,40T 4 Sheave QR Block, 8.5T Swivel Ball. This Crane is available for Rent or For Sale......Contact HOLT Crane for special rental pricing. View Photos